🍂As Promised: Fall Painting Party Now Scheduled🍂

We have scheduled our fall Work Party!  And, we have a few additional updates to share:

Save the Date!

Love to Paint? Want to celebrate National Public Lands Day?  Interested in connecting with other Friends? Join us at our annual bench painting on:

Saturday, September 24

9:00am - 12:00 noon

Non-painters welcome too! We'll probably have some fall landscape maintenance in addition to bench painting.  Please sign up on our Events page to join us!

NPS Update

Our Lovely Trees

Many of you have seen the dying trees in Waterfront Park, and have asked us about them and the other willow oaks in both Waterfront and Titanic Memorial Parks.  As you know, NPS does not control Waterfront Park, instead the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) has responsibility for those trees.  We learned from DDOT that the two trees marked with orange dots will be removed in next month or so.  Replacement trees will be planted in Fall 2022 or Spring 2023.  

DDOT does not know what caused these trees to die; however, they have found no evidence of a transmissible pathogen.  They will reinspect the remaining trees in Waterfront Park in the fall and again next spring after they leaf out, to ensure they do not see additional evidence of stress.

We also learned from the NPS arborist that the willow oaks in Titanic Memorial Park were inspected and were not found to have any evidence of pathogens or other issues at this time.  We are glad that our trees remain in good shape and appreciate everyone's concern! 

Maintenance Work

The tile work continues, and just a few more rows of tiles are needed for this work to be complete.  NPS maintenance crews also fixed a few areas of rot on our benches and removed graffiti that was found on the rear of the Titanic Memorial. Thanks to NPS maintenance staff for their terrific work!

The Tafts and the Titanic

One question we often heard during the Titanic 110th events last Spring was, "Why did First Lady Taft care so much about the Titanic?"

We've recently learned that Archibald Butt, who died on the Titanic, was a close aide to President Taft.  In addition to the Titanic Memorial, the Butt-Millet Memorial Fountain on the White House grounds honors both Archibald Butt and Francis Millet, another federal employee who was lost on the Titanic.  Some historians believe that Butt and Millet had a romantic relationship, which would have been hidden due to views of same-sex relationships at the time. 

Journalist Gillian Brockell explores the relationship between Francis Millet and Archibald Butt in a recent Washington Post Retropolis article.

More Board Changes

Our newest board member, Carol MaloneyWe are excite to welcome our latest new board member - Carol Maloney!    She joins Richard Helke (whom we introduced in last month's eblast).  Both have hit the ground running -- Richard is our Treasurer, and Carol is our Secretary.  

Welcome to both new Board members!


Corinne Irwin, Chair
Friends of Titanic Memorial Park

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