2019 Tree Assessment

We conducted a tree assessment based on the historic drawings of the Park we found at the National Archives.  While most of the Willow Oaks in the Park exist and are in good shape, we found there is a large number of understory trees such as Dogwood, Star Magnolia, and Crape Myrtle that are no longer in the Park.  We are working with the National Park Service to develop a tree restoration plan based on this assessment.

2017 Assessment

Our first detailed assessment was conducted on April 8, 2017. We assessed the Benches, Lights, Garden Areas, Sidewalks, and more!  This spreadsheet shows the details of our assessment.  Our volunteers helped us complete our assessment in just two hours!  We also took detailed photos to go with our spreadsheet.

The assessment has informed our work since 2017.  Look at our Restoration and Maintenance pages for more details.