Garden Areas


The garden areas are missing plants from the original plan.  Some plants are struggling.


  • Friends will raise funds to implement the restoration planting plan if needed.
  • NPS is planning to restore water service to the garden areas.



  • We planted annuals in the planters in the Summer.
  • We performed a "restoration pruning" of the azaleas at the North end of the Park, to restore the view to the Washington Channel from the benches.
  • We have inventoried existing trees and shrubs and compared them to the as-built drawings.


  • We found the As-built drawings of the original landscaping and the water service at the National Archives!
  • We planted bulbs in the planters in the Fall.
  • We continued to work with NPS on a plan for garden restoration.
  • We conducted a survey to identify the water infrastructure in the Park.
  • We planted annuals in the planters near O Street SW in the Spring.


  • Friends removed invasive Euonymous from some of the planting beds.
  • Friends planted annuals in the planters near O Street SW.
  • NPS is completed a restoration planting plan for the garden areas.