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It is Week 4 of our FriendsGiving: Give Today for Tomorrow donation drive.  We've raised $3,800 toward our $7,500 donation goal so far!   We're more than half way to our goal....and we only have 2 more weeks to raise $3,700.  Can you give today?

Your donation will help the park look its best for everyone who uses the park daily, as well as those who visit less frequently.

Have you seen a Friends volunteer out in the park with a clipboard? They are part of the dedicated group that has been counting visitors since 2021.  Thanks to their efforts, we are learning more about how many people visit the park daily, and what they do while here.  Visitor estimates help us justify funding to restore and improve the park, both with the National Park Service and potential grantors.


There were over 450,000 visits to Titanic Memorial Park in the past year!  We'll share more details about our visitors later this year.  Here is an early highlight:

*Note:  all numbers are estimates based on actual visitor counts.  We follow National Park Service guidelines for counting and estimating visits.

With the re-opening of the waterfront promenade along the Wharf's Phase 2 development, weekend visits to Titanic Memorial Park jumped dramatically this summer.  The increase was driven mainly by additional walkers and bicyclists.  We expect this trend to continue in future months.   

We frequently see visitors enter the park using strollers and mobility assist devices.  These visits underscore the need for the concrete sidewalk restoration planned in the next few years.

Your support helps keep the Park an inviting place for visitors, both neighbors who use the park daily, and visitors who find the park on their weekend outings and vacations.

Here is a reminder of how your donations are used:

Donating: Will let us:
$50 Maintain one planter annually
$150 Purchase flowers for our annual wreath-laying at the Titanic Memorial
$500 Cover our annual fees for website hosting and accounting tools
$1,000 Purchase and install 2 - 3 large caliper trees
$10,000 Purchase and install one large sign for the Park

Please donate today to support the Friends and Titanic Memorial Park!


Corinne Irwin, Chair
Friends of Titanic Memorial Park

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