🌿The Next 5 Years...🌿

How quickly April has ended and May has begun!  With this email, we are kicking off the next five years of partnership with the National Park Service.  As promised, here is a recap of the Titanic 110th Anniversary, plus other timely information for May.

Highlights from the Titanic 110th Anniversary

Big Announcements
The National Park Service and the Friends unveiled new and exciting plans for the Park at our Gala & Tribute:

The Park Service is planning to begin design of the concrete sidewalk restoration in 2024, with construction start in 2025.  The concrete restoration will maintain the historic aggregate pattern in the park, and will address stormwater management and care of trees.  

The Friends will raise funds for wayfinding and interpretive signs, and these signs can be installed in advance of the concrete restoration.  Proceeds from the Gala put us well on our way to being able to purchase the first sign for the Park.  We'll be working with the Park Service to understand design, placement, and cost options.  (The image shown is just a conceptual image.) More to come!

Posters, and a Video!
We've posted the Stories of Bravery, Tragedy, and Survival on our website.  And Haley Murphy, a graduate student at American University, made this wonderful video story!  Be sure to check it out!

Anniversary Engagement
Our Titanic 110th Anniversary was a resounding success, thanks to all of you!  We connected with lots of neighbors and other visitors throughout the anniversary weekend.  By our count:

  • Over 2,000 visitors looked at the commemorative displays in the park
  • About 90 people attended our wreath-laying ceremony
  • We've added 85 new people to our email list (Welcome!)
  • The events were supported by 33 volunteers, 17 of whom were new volunteers
  • We received donations from 38 new donors!

We our glad we were able to commemorate sinking of the Titanic in a thought-provoking way, and are excited about the next chapter of the partnership between the Friends and the National Park Service.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
We followed the mantra of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for all of our activities. 

  • We avoided disposable plates and glasses at the Gala, we had volunteers bring their own water to avoid adding plastic bottles to the waste stream.
  • We found places to send many of our display materials so they can be reused:
    • Amidon-Bowen's art teacher accepted the styrofoam squares, landscape flags, and wood shims for future art projects with students there.
    • Chesapeake Natives, Inc., a non-profit native plant nursery, accepted landscape flags and the cardboard trays.
  • We recycled cardboard packaging, paper, and everything else that we could!

Cultural Landscapes Inventory

The National Park Service recently completed the Cultural Landscapes Inventory for Titanic Memorial Park.  This document represents a major step in the process to get the Park listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  (The Memorial itself is already on the National Register.)  The Cultural Landscapes Inventory is full of interesting history and photographs of the park site through the years.  It is worth a read!

SW BID Hosts Spring in Southwest

The Southwest BID is hosting "Spring in Southwest" May 19 - 21. The Friends will have a table at the Lansburgh Park Block Party on Saturday, May 21st, 1pm - 4pm. Come have fun with your neighbors at one or more event!

Corinne Irwin, Chair
Friends of Titanic Memorial Park

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