The Collyer Family

Charlotte and Marjorie Collyer aboard the Carpathia, Library of Congress (Public Domain)

Harvey Collyer, November 26, 1880 – April 15, 1912
Charlotte Collyer, October 1, 1881 - November 28, 1916
Marjorie Lottie Collyer, January 28, 1904 - February 26, 1965

Second Class

En route to buy a fruit farm in Idaho due to Charlotte’s health issues, Harvey had all their money in his pocket when the ship sank and he was lost.

Women were very reluctant to be separated from their husbands.  According to the story reported by Winston Lord in A Night to Remember, a seaman yanked Mrs. Charlotte Collyer by the arm, another by her waist, and they dragged her from her husband Harvey.  As she kicked to get free, she heard him call, “Go, Lottie!  For God’s sake, be brave and go.  I’ll get a seat in another boat!”  She and Marjorie were in Lifeboat 14.

Charlotte and Marjorie eventually returned to England, and Charlotte remarried.  She died from tuberculosis.

Would you leave your husband to save your child?

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