Engagement Survey Results

Here are the results of our 2020 Engagement Survey:











Q6:  Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?

Thank you for all your good work in restoring our beloved park.

You do great work and should be proud of the way you have developed as an organization.

keep up the great work. We moved to riverside in 2017 and the improvements are really great. Is there a plan to put the fountain back in?

Appreciate all the efforts to keep this memorial area clean, safe, and attractive to users.

You’re doing a fantastic job!

Hope to keep hearing from you!! I believe there was a Gilgannon relative list on the Titanic

Looking for ways my business can be involved with volunteer opportunities

No other than I'm glad for all the Friends accomplishments.

Thanks for all you are doing!

Thanks for all the terrific progress you have made and for seeking input!

There are two lollipop lights out. Could you notify NPS that they either need new bulbs or electrical work?

Perhaps you need a big one-time fundraiser. I think you could get plenty of sponsorships to defray the costs. Think big.

I am new to SW, but a long term member of Potomac Riverkeeper who was surprised to learn that their water testing doesn’t include the Washington Channel. I would be interested in getting involved in that.