Every Day is Earth Day

This week we encourage you to celebrate Earth Day in new and creative ways.

Earth Day


We will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd, in ways that could not have been imagined just a few months ago.  You have probably seen stories of the Earth renewing itself, and other stories about humans discovering nature in their midst.  We invite you to pause on Earth Day to consider how your personal impact on the Earth has changed since March.  What changes might you keep when the world returns to a semblance of "normal?"

Earth Day from the American Southwest to Southwest DC

Here's a great idea from Arizona:  Celebrate Earth Day by creating art from nature you find in your backyard!  Be sure to tag your creations on social media with #CelebrateEarth2020.

Water Quality monitoring

Water Quality monitoring is back on!  The Anacostia Riverkeeper is re-tooling its training to offer virtual classes.  If you were considering volunteering for this activity, there is still time to join in.  Contact Corinne for details.

City Nature Month


City Nature Month continues throughout April.  The focus is on observing nature in your own backyard.  

This week's webinar is: How to Take Quality Photos for iNaturalist

Thursday, April 23
Register Here!

iNaturalist observer and photographer extraordinaire Katja Schulz shares the secrets of taking photos that have the best chance of getting identifications from the citizen science community.  While the focus is on iNaturalist photos, this webinar will give you great tips for photographing nature for any purpose.  Remember, you must Register in advance to attend the webinar.

Recordings of past webinars are available on the City Nature Month Events page.

City Nature Challenge

The "official" City Nature Challenge is still Friday, April 24 - Sunday, April 27.  Observations you make through iNaturalist on these dates will automatically be captured for both the City Nature Challenge and City Nature Month projects.

City Nature Month in Titanic Memorial Park

Corinne's iNaturalist Observations

In early April, I've been documenting mosses and lichens in the park, and trying my best to capture birds.  Birds are really tough for me - if you have skill photographing birds, please do so and add your observations to iNaturalist.  Here's a trick I use:  I take good quality photos with my digital camera, and at the same time I snap a quick picture of my viewing area with my smartphone.  When I upload both to iNaturalist, the geolocation data is captured from my smartphone picture, and the photo from my digital camera captures the detail needed to identify the observation.

I've also started documenting the native plants that I grow on my apartment balcony.  You'll see that these are marked as "Captive/Cultivated," because I know they were planted by a human.  In the final week of City Nature Month, I hope to document some of the pollinators and other insects that visit my balcony.

Explore all observations in Titanic Memorial Park, and use iNaturalist to add your own.  

Stay Safe, and enjoy the beauty of the Earth, on Earth Day and every day this week.

Corinne Irwin, Chair