You Can Help Us Do More to Improve the Park

Thanks to you, Titanic Memorial Park and our Friends group had a great year! Please consider a tax-deductible donation to help us continue to restore this gem on the Washington Channel.

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You probably remember how the Park looked before we all came together as Friends of the Titanic Memorial Park— crumbling tiles, overgrown, rotting benches…hardly a welcoming place for our community and visitors to enjoy.

Just look at what the National Park Service and the Friends have accomplished with your support this year:

  • Restored the tiles in one entire play area, with plans to complete the other next Spring
  • Pruned back the North Azalea Bed, re-establishing the view to the water as originally envisioned
  • Beautified and maintained the Park—painted benches, cleaned up trash, and planted annuals and bulbs

We’re proud of our progress, and we still have a lot of work to do. Working with NPS, we are developing exciting plans for even larger restoration projects, including:

  • Plant up to 100 trees that were part of the historic design
  • Restore the garden beds and improve native habitat
  • Restore water service to maintain the landscape
  • Provide signage for the Park

To make these plans a reality, we are revving up our fundraising. We need at least 50 donors to chip in by year-end so we can order spring supplies and show potential grantors that our community is invested. As a supporter, you understand the important role the Friends play in restoring this gem and keeping it shipshape.  

Will you make a generous year-end gift today so we can take the next steps? 


Corinne Irwin, Chair
Friends of Titanic Memorial Park

Friends of Titanic Memorial Park is a 501(c)(3)