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Excitement is building for our Titanic 110th Anniversary events:  ticket sales are picking up, new neighbors have joined our email list, and we're getting questions from folks in the Park and around Southwest about the Gala & Tribute and other events in the park.  In this email, we cover:

Buy Your Tickets

Tickets are selling briskly for the Gala & Tribute on April 16, so be sure to get yours now!  Attending the Gala & Tribute is a great way to show the Park Service and other invited guests how important Titanic Memorial Park is to the Southwest community.  You'll get to chat with NPS staff who help us maintain the Park daily, and who are planning for a major renovation of the Park in a few years.

Our menu of heavy hors d'oervres is inspired by dishes served on the RMS Titanic, and provided by Distinct Taste Catering.  Tickets are on sale through April 9 - make sure you get yours before the deadline!

Note: Arena Stage maintains its own COVID protocols to ensure that guests and patrons can enjoy their facilities safely.  These precautions may be more stringent than DC COVID requirements, and are subject to change.  

Pull a Shift, Get a Hat

Thanks to everyone who has signed up for a shift for our Titanic 110th Anniversary!  We still have shifts available throughout April 14 - 17.  Sign up using Signup Genius to help. Volunteers get this snazzy hat to wear!  Here's a little more detail about the help we need:

Staff the Information Table - We have two-hour shifts from April 14 - 17 to staff the Friends information table.  We will provide training and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.  The table will have information about the Titanic Memorial and the Friends.  This is a great way to meet neighbors and share your love of the Park. 

Set up/Tear down Park Displays - The park displays include a series of large yard-sign-type posters, as well as about 2,400 landscape flags that will be installed in a foam base.  Initial set up includes mounting the posters onto the yard-sign mounts and placing them in the Park, and installing the flags into the foam base in a particular order and arrangement.  At the end of each day, we will need a crew to move the assembled displays to a nearby location off of the Park site, and each morning we'll need a crew to put them back in place. 

Please sign up using Signup Genius for one or more shift. We'll contact you with more information, like orientation dates and times, as we get closer to the event.

Thank you, Sponsors!

Huge thanks to our sponsors who are helping to make our Gala & Tribute a truly special event.  Please be sure to thank them in person at the Gala.  They are:

Commodore's Circle

Evelyn Lugo
Lugo Parker Team 
Vice President
Compass Real Estate


Captain's Circle





Stacy Baker and Brian Niemiec

Hans and Katherine Crump-Wiesner

In memory of Jay Katzen

Carroll Quinn, in memory of James and Mary Catherine Caufield, who were both born in 1912.

In memory of Winifred Rowe Hoag, born April 13, 1912. The Titanic went down the next night.

In memory of Alex Guibert who loved living in Southwest and who left us too early.

We think winter has had its last gasp. Looking forward to warmer days and seeing you in the Park!

Corinne Irwin, Chair

Friends of Titanic Memorial Park

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