Friends Join Winter Salt Watch

We will test Washington Channel waters throughout the winter to understand how much road salt travels into our waterways after storm events. Fishing in the Washington Channel

We are participating in Winter Salt Watch in partnership with the Izaak Walton League, who explains:

Road salt (sodium chloride) is everywhere during winter months. It keeps us safe on roads and sidewalks, but it can also pose a threat to fish and wildlife as well as human health.

Fish and bugs that live in freshwater streams can't survive in extra salty water. And many of us (more than 118 million Americans) depend on local streams for drinking water. Water treatment plants are not equipped to filter out the extra salt, so it can end up in your tap water and even corrode your pipes.

Several of us in Southwest fish these waters, and we all like seeing the birds and other wildlife that make their home in our local parks.  Understanding how use of road salt affects our waterways each winter will allow us to identify trouble spots early.  If our testing indicates issues, we can work with DDOT and local businesses to consider ways to keep the roads safe for people while we keep our rivers safe for fish and other wildlife.