Captain Edward John Smith


Captain Edward John Smith, New York Times, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

January 27, 1850 - April 15, 1912


Captain Smith was planning to retire when he was hired to skipper the Titanic on her maiden voyage. When the ship hit the iceberg, he knew:

  • The ship would sink in under two hours
  • 16 lifeboats and 4 “collapsibles” had room for only 1,178 people
  • 1,317 passengers plus an experienced crew of over 900 were on board, including 29 Able Seamen and 6 Officers

Orders issued: “Women and children first”

Final instructions: “You’ve done your duty, boys. Now it’s every man for himself.”

Captain Smith went down with his ship, as did most of his crew.

"You've done your duty, boys."

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